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Kayla V Strickland is the founder of Ava’s Apples, which is a dehydration manufacturing company that specializes in innovative dried food production. We are located in Macon, Georgia, but we travel for exposure and have a growing online presence. The foundation of the company is based from our five original flavors of specialty dried apples. 

We have grown tremendously since our establishment in May of 2017. In five years we have grown from five apples to a large array of variety to include dried fruit and vegetable products. We have also ventured out to handcrafting herbal tea, spices, and other accessory items; all of which are among the recent add-on at Ava’s Apples. 

As our presence expands in this industry and community, we are looking forward to integrating with future growth and development engagements with local vendors, wholesalers, and friends of Ava’s Apples.

We Are Proud Of What We Do!

At Ava’s Apples we are making food for the future. The world is changing and we plan to make foods that change with the world. 

At Ava’s Apples We Believe In Empowering One’s Life For Healthier Living, Which Produces Life Expansion. I have a Belief, “if we take care of our bodies, God can take care of our spirit, and longevity will be given.”

Kayla V Strickand/ Owner

“A Distinguished Taste”

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