About Ava’s Apples

Ava’s Apples began with five apple flavors: Ava’s Sweet Apple, Adder Apple, Cinnamon Cayenne Apple, Orange Spice Apple, and Pineapple Apple. Our Most Popular Apples are the Pineapple Apple;  it’s a classic apple enhanced with dried pineapple, which sweetness and flavors the apples. Most of our apples have low sugar content or no added sugar.

Apples are our speciality, but recently we have began to dehydrate other fruit and vegetables. There are many requests from people who have diabetes, and are looking for a treat without added sugar. Ava’s Apples is a business that promotes healthy eating, as well as a healthy lifestyle for Life expansion. It is our goal to be able to cater to the needs of those who have long-term illness. By using natural herbs and spices; customers can enjoy our products without the fear of, “what did I put in my body,” leaving one in a worst state of health.

Objectively Ava’s Apples produces products that have less sugar, less oils, and less fats added. We want to bring out the natural flavor of each product without altering it’s natural zest and appeal. We are serving our local communities with our products, which are intended for snacks, cooking, or many other consumable uses. We try not to put a limit on what can be done with the products. Dried food can last up to 30 years. As a company we want to guarantee that you’re getting the best with Ava’s Apples.

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