Flirt With Food

Food Attraction

So I did something I should not have done… I ate Chinese food from the mall last night. Totally feeling the effects of it all day. The jalapeno chicken was scrumptious, when I sampled it, yummy. But, I soon felt fatigue, and my insides did not feel normal, if I can say that. I’m just being honest. Waking up this morning was horrible, my insides were a bit tender. My belly and nerves were a little off-kilter. Having a really nervous stomach, and oddly enough my right pinky finger was swollen, and my hand was sore. Immediately, my mind went to the food I ate the night before. I’m not saying that the Chinese food made me sick, or caused my hand to be swollen. Really, I wasn’t exactly sure what kind of meat I was eating.

The sign said “chicken”, but I’m not fully convinced. I haven’t eaten beef in over 20 years, neither have I eaten pork in about 17 years. IDK!

This is not my first experience with this matter. I’ve vowed before never to eat Chinese food again from the mall, nor in some other places. But out of hunger pain, and compromise I ate there again. Paying dearly for my actions, realizing being conscious of what we eat is important. 

I wanted to share my experience because I’m not perfect. Sometimes others tend to think that I eat healthy at all times. That is not the truth, I want to, I desire to, and have been striving for many years. But honestly, I’m not at the “Pinnacle Point” of healthy eating. I promote healthy eating for others, and also as encouragement for myself. I’m a real foodie person. I love flavors, the taste of something new as it rolls on your tongue, and massages my need for awesomeness in the food arena of my mind. Loving unique styles of eating, which make me feel adventurous, even if it’s foods that I cook myself.

I Won’t Give Up the fight to eat healthy,  I’m going to eat good! Who’s With Me?

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