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Events and Market Dates will be added according to acceptance and invitation. If there is more than one Event , Festival, or Farmers Market booked on the calendar day of interest, please feel free to send invitations regardlessly.

Year-Round Farmers Markets

Wesleyan Market

12 Months – Yearly

Wesleyan College • Macon, Ga
On Front Lawn
9am – 1pm

Join Ava’s Here: April – December 2021

Seasonal Farmers Markets

Centerville Farmers Markets


March – October

Every 1st & 3rd

Saturday Morning 9am – 1pm

Retail MarketPlace Locations


If you’re interested in having Ava’s Apples at your Event, Farmers Market, Church Group Event, Outdoor Hiking, Camping, Fishing, Biking, Hunting Group, Private Party Sells(home, workplace, or any other creative setting.) Please Contact Us: use contact tab on Menu Bar

Set-Up Includes: A Full Market Style Table Top Set Up with Samples, Opportunity to Purchase Product, Recipe Ideas and Presentation, Q&A About Dehydration.

We Hope To Serve You Soon

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