Food & Us ❤️

Food Food Food… We gotta have it, so we might as well love it!!!

Kayla V Strickland

Food is a main constituent that crosses every border of life. No matter who you are, what part of planet Earth you’re from. We all have the desire to chew, chew good stuff, yummy stuff, soul-vasking, dipped in love food. Unless you’re some spiritual guru who does not eat entirely. Food is the main part of our day in every culture, race, and religion. This is our daily communion with one another, being together is meaningful.

Where else can we get together with family, friends; sit around the table and laugh, talk about our lives, make plans, talk about the past, discussing our favorite things. Recognizing the many expressions of love through food. Like when I get something yummy in my mouth, my shoulders begin to dance, swing back and forth in a motion that says, “food, you know how to make me dance, irresistibly.” As one bite dances in my mouth, I’m anticipating the next spoon of joy, the next flavor that will freshly burst into dance within me, causing even my chest to jiggle just a little, my hands will clap in front of my chin, my fingers will snap by my ears. I hear the rhythm of good food, I feel the rhythm of soul. And I tell my family, friends “it’s time to eat, that’s good”. And they laugh.

Watching our children eat the foods they love from the family table is nothing more than a blessing. Nothing tickles and pleases the soul more than children asking for seconds. For the cook this is the greatest compliment; as we know children can be picky, and would choose dessert mostly over savory dishes. When anyone ask for seconds, or just one more spoonful, or one more taste, they bless the cook. Giving compliments like… “I haven’t eaten this good in the long time, you put your foot in that dish”, An American Southern Colloquialism

I believe food is the greatest sense of peace, universally. No one wants to go to bed hungry. We can’t live without food, we can’t grow without food, we can’t be healthy without good food, we can’t be productive without food working in our bodies. There’s a saying, “you are what you eat”, true. But I believe we are as happy as the sun rising and shining every day; when there’s food eat, good food, and good people to enjoy it with.

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